When To Call an Electrician

Electricity’s potential for hazard is very easy to overlook. Since we practically always utilize it, it’s simple to take it for granted. The issue is that we risk suffering severe injuries if our home is struck by lightning, or someone accidentally puts one of our fingers in an outlet. It’s risky to ignore the dangers of electricity.

Here are ten warning signs that indicate it’s time to call an electrician, courtesy of ACDC Electric Services LLC.

1.          Either the fuses continually blow, or the circuit breaker is repeatedly tripping. Some people will put in a fuse or breaker with a higher amperage rating in the mistaken belief that this will fix the problem. However, doing so presents a risk of fire.

2.          There is either an electrical breaker or an appliance fixture that is sparking. Immediately give an electrician a call if you see anything that is sparking!

3.          You are utilizing a significant number of extension cords in a single location. It’s not just for aesthetics that we conceal the electrical wiring in your walls; there’s a functional rationale behind it. If you are forced to use extension cords because there are not enough outlets in your home, you may consider having an electrician come and install some in the area.

4.          You have a hot switch plate or outlet. This is a significant issue; electrical outlets should never get too hot! Please put in a call to get an electrician to look at it right away!

5.          You will get a shock when you touch a light switch, outlet, or any other surfaces in your home that are part of the electrical system. If you are getting electrical shocks from anything in your home, this could result from defective wiring, which poses a fire risk.

6.          There is rust or moisture in the vicinity of an electrical outlet or component in your home. Anyone who has been told to cease swimming during a rainstorm because electricity and water do not mix knows this is the case. If there are any indications that water might be getting into your electrical system, you need to get it looked at as soon as possible.

7.          There is a buzzing sound coming from the walls. Normally these are not bees. However, if a faint buzzing sound comes from the electrical system, this may indicate a problem with the wiring.

8.          You have a light switch that doesn’t do anything when it’s flipped. Even though this could be anything as innocuous as a builder installing an outlet to use in the future, it could also be the result of a former owner with a tendency toward do-it-yourself projects removing wiring. You ought to get it checked out by an electrician to ensure that it is in a secure condition.

9.          If the lights in your home flicker, it may indicate a problem with the electric system inside your home. This demands an effort that is not something that a novice should attempt to finish.

10.       Because you are living in an older home, the outlets in each room have only two prongs, or there are not enough outlets. There are others who prefer to take the easy way out and add extenders and extension cords but doing so puts them at risk and could even start a fire!

With today’s electricity demands, older homes are particularly challenged. Although the symptoms are clear, they are frequently disregarded or neglected. Utilize our qualified services to keep everything secure.

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