(Emergency electrician services) are power outages an emergency?

Emergencies involving electricity are frequently terrifying, infuriating, and inconvenient. Because of this, our team of highly trained electricians is always on call and ready to handle any electrical issue, no matter how complicated it may be. 

Whether your problem is big or small, ACDC Electric Services LLC recognizes that you require assistance right away.

 If you have an electrical emergency, we are entirely licensed, available to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and we have the necessary equipment to provide you with service!

ACDC’s work is a high standard, and we pride ourselves on providing service that is professional , helpful, and dependable. We have everything we need, so we will be ready when we arrive, and we will also clean up after ourselves when we are finished.

What kind of threat can power surges pose?

The standard voltage used by electrical equipment and appliances is 120 volts. During a storm surge are more likely to occur, which could cause damage to the electrical components.

We are not talking about the blender here when we say that the damage caused by power surges. It is possible that power surges could cause complete failure of some of the most expensive electrical items in your home. 

It’s possible that your air conditioner may stop working in the middle of a heat wave or that your furnace will stop working in the middle of winter. You may be required to replace all the critical appliances in your kitchen, including the refrigerator that is already beginning to warm up with all your perishable groceries still inside of it.

In the event of a significant power surge, you run the risk of destroying not just your expensive equipment but also all your expensive appliances and electronic devices that were plugged in at the time. 

If a power surge causes an electrical fire, you risk completely losing your home.

What should be your course of action?

We strongly encourage you to give us a call at the first sign of any electrical difficulties in either your home or your place of business. Fixing a problem as soon as it arises can save time and money, reduce annoyance, and, most importantly, help prevent an unsafe situation. 

If an electrical problem is ignored, it could escalate to more expensive repairs or even worse issues.

Whether it’s a light that’s flickering, a breaker that’s tripping, a fire, or an appliance that’s sparking, giving ACDC Electric Services LLC a call will offer you the peace of mind that the job will be done well and safely. Even though dealing with a power outage or any other type of electrical emergency might be stressful, we are here to assist you through every step of the process.

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